Keep it all the way 100

Listen, be whoever you are, but be honest about it.

If you are inconsistent, let a person know before they spend all their time trying to grow with you and you keep changing the plans. If you are a flip flopper, walk your walk with pride.

If you are selfish, don’t lead another person on to think that you are giving and open when in reality the only person you are focused on is you. If you can’t focus on me at least part of the time… then you surely cannot expect all of my time to be spent worrying about your simple ass.

If you are half-assed, then find another half-ass and maybe y’all can figure out a way to get something accomplished. But for folks who bring their A game to the table, in all things, you playing the friendship or relationship C game fucks up the kitty. Everybody gotta be playing the same game on the same team ya dig!

If you are unstable, do everyone a favor and figure that shit out before you involve other people. No one has time for instability. Balance requires two forces coming together… and if those forces fail, two legs to keep you upright. If you are emotionally, financially, spiritually handicap… a person cannot stand in as your crutch.

Bottom line… just like you own and lead with your strengths, you need to admit and then work on your weaknesses. We all have them, the trick is, most of us worth our salt are constantly trying to be better and mend our cracks. If you think your only crack is the one you sit on, chances are, you are bringing all that to the table and heaping it on someone else’s plate. Trust, ain’t nobody hungry enough to ingest your shit. So let’s be honest with ourselves, and like Iyanla says “do the work!”

I got 99 problems… you will not be one.

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