Donkey and Ox

I’m going to need all the social media ministers, armchair evangelists, the mass for shut-in shut ins, to stop talking sometimes… ye knoweth not what ye speaketh!

^^^^ that is a fallacy. Stop spreading that utter bullshit to people. We don’t have to be the same to be equally yoked. We don’t both need to be Black or White, tall or short, fit or pleasingly plump, attractive, wealthy, educated… That isn’t being equally yoked, that’s nonsense.

On a daily basis, the ox might pull the shit outta that load, and the donkey might give the signal when it’s time for a water break, have a bum knee that aches when rain is coming, give good directions, and cheer on Mr Ox with words of encouragement… “You are a mighty Ox, a big and strong ox, you rock!” Or whatever donkeys say to their ox partners. Donkey might lead Ox to the good green grass and give him a little nose nudge like we give high fives.

But when Mr Ox is under the weather or just needs a break, Donkey kicks it in high gear and just like there were two oxen, he pulls the shit outta the load while Mr Ox takes on the administrative duties of the journey. They both have the express desire to get their load from point A to point B… they share a mission and they are both dedicated to that duty.

A human partnership is no different. Your race, class, social identity, aesthetics, and finances may intermingle or not, but if you are both guided by the same goals to develop and grow together into the best humans possible and bring the same levels of devotion to those goals, then you have forged a God match and not just an image match.

Bond with someone who has the same civic and spiritual goals. Otherwise, you will spend so much time trying to force what you think you need that you will miss out on the blessing you really need. A true partnership should enhance your life, and neither complicate it with a dueling mission nor simplify it with inconsequential factors.

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