Be Clear…

I am a woman…

I smell good, my touch is soft, I can whisper the grocery list to you and make you close your eyes and see stars… it’ll sound so sweet. My hair is fluffy like nimbus clouds. The curve of my waist a perfect place to lay your head… my derrière the best armrest or like a handful of cotton candy. I can love you long time and make you love me at first sight. I can nurture you into comfort, and calm you like peace. But, my darling, be REAL clear…

I can put down tile

I can pull up carpet

I can change a tire, but I don’t ever want to!

I know what a carburetor is and the top pick in the NFL draft.

I have a degree in psychology and one in hard knocks

I take shots

I can beat you in spades

I might not outrun you but I can hold a plank longer, guaranteed!

I drink ACV straight even though it tastes like lighter fluid, but wellness…

I bleed monthly and don’t die or cry or want a band aid

I balance checkbooks and lives

I can smash tacos and margaritas

I make a bomb ass macaroni and cheese from scratch and a pretty decent pound cake

I have carried shit as heavy as me on my back

I have carried you, if not physically, emotionally

I pushed a person out of a tiny hole

I am raising a person to be whole

I love

I give

I speak up and out

I pray

I scream

I cry

I will fight

I hit hard

I can get real cute in heels or sneakers

I can rock pajamas like it’s my job

I bring out the best in people

I bring out other’s insecurities

I rock hard for humanity

Yet I can drop you like a bad habit, cold turkey

Healing is my ministry

Love is my passion

I can sink ships

And I can launch rockets

I’m a rocket launcher, ya dig

I’m a boss

I can run the world.

… I am a woman!

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