Buried Bonds

I’m a Scorpio… tried and true.

Likes and dislikes, no maybes in between.

It’s all love or its nfg.

I’m a mystery to most people, only a very few folks know my heart.

But I’m a great friend. That’s right, great! If I f#@% with you, I f#@% with you consistently and intentionally!

I calendar when to check up on folks so I don’t leave them wondering if I care. I give great gifts from my heart. I send epic birthday messages. I try to do little things randomly to show folks they matter. I return calls…eventually, and I k.i.t. with everybody whose yearbook I signed. It might only be so much as a FB post heart… but you know I’m there! I big up my boonapolis so much it perturbs other people… #sorrynotsorry! I take my friendships seriously… so many of my friends are actually my family. But my loyalty isn’t limitless and I have a boiling point. It’s 129 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature at which the human heart begins to fail.


Friendship is a relationship that forms based on similarities but lasts based on accepting differences. When we agree with others, and feel like they support our every move, it’s easy to be friends. Yet, the minute someone changes, metamorphoses into a different, better, unfamiliar, or troubling version of themselves… judgements, hypocrisy, impatience, and chaos often ensues. From water to wine is fine, but from liquid to gas is a whole other ballgame, often one we don’t care to play.

With age and maturity people become more intentional in their dealings with others, but that intention can go either way. Some of us are more gracious than others, willing to extend ourselves further where others fail to reach. While others of us (🙋🏽‍♀️) have a limit that you just aren’t welcome to cross, regardless of your very real imperfections. Our inability to offer you more grace is a flaw in itself. We are all flawed, but your flaws don’t get to inconvenience or worse yet, harm me. Bases were loaded, but you struck out! No mas.

“And here’s another hit Barry Bonds… we outta here baby”

If you have good friends, particularly good girlfriends, my suggestion is that you honor those bonds when you agree and when you disagree. Don’t vomit your insecurities and unfinished mess onto her. Don’t sully her name. Don’t question her integrity. Don’t wish her harm. Don’t issue ultimatums. Don’t show up for an I told you so when you weren’t there for the broken heart. Everybody loves sunny days, but can you stand the 129 degree scorcher?

Don’t Bury Bonds. They often don’t resurrect!

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