If you just have acquaintances, women you hang out with cuz they match your fly and they can drink, but they don’t spark a fire in your soul… you are not winning.

Get you some sistafriends.

Listen, real women are out here doing real big things, changing lives, making history, innovating, speaking out, writing out our lives, saving the world, and if the only friends you have are just cute, you are not benefitting from the great resource of women! We are a movement. And I big up all women, but these days Black women are making a million in 90 minutes, and she can help you do the same. We can build an empire, if only we connect and take up residence in each other’s space. We aren’t in competition, there is enough room for all of us.

My boonapolis, hood Greek for bestie, is the real life version of Olivia Pope with a little bit of Karen Civil thrown in. My sistafriends are PhDs, JDs, and MDs. Authors, clinicians, athletics, school principals, college professors, teachers of our children, entrepreneurs, chemists, judges, philanthropists, and just dope ass women. We work hard, we play harder… but we support each other like we share the same blood.

Get you some sistafriends.

Y’all will swap recipes, talk men and sex, bitch about work politics, bitch about politics, show each other fly ass sneakers and shoes on Pinterest, break bread, sip Prosecco cocktails, and rap the lyrics to “I’ll Take Your Man” … the Salt-N-Pepa version, be clear. But through all that, these women will be your shoulder to cry on, show up when you most need it, pray for you, cry with you, and just otherwise keep your crown from slipping. Queen shit!

They will call you on your shit. Tell you when you are trippin trippin. Show you where you can be better. Help you get there. Suggest a therapist. Share some wisdom. They aren’t around simply to stroke your ego or tell you yes, but to really help you reach your next level of humanity and success.

So get you some sistafriends. They are invaluable. You can still be introverted. Still be a loner. Still spend all the time you need with your man and kids. But these women keep you lifted. Y’all might even get lifted in the staircases. Hey, it’s real out here in these mean streets, these women can be a part of your progression and your peace.

Don’t say I didn’t school you!

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