In the one, nine, and 2000

So I’m sure you’ve made your vision board, or are collecting magazines for one. Others of you made your list of goals you have already tacked into your cork board. You got your party hats and noise makers, and Prosecco to toast. You have figured out what resolutions you are going to make to realize the success you want, and you got some new workout clothes because that summer body will be banging. And like every year you are dedicated to telling the all 2019. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So about that…

You telling your nephew that his girlfriend is ugly; your niece that she’s fat; your “friend” that she’s manless because her wig needs to be pulled forward 1/2 an inch and washed; or your co-worker that she stinks of curry… that shit is not the truth nor is it necessary. Those things are your judgements and opinions. They are your insensitive thoughts about the world and people around you, and they might, in fact, be tinged in truth. But the bottom line is that truth that is void of love is abusive and cruel. Let’s stop being hurtful in the name of truth in 2019.

The popularity of social media has allowed people the avenue to toss their judgements and cruelty and “honesty” around like a game of dodgeball… seeing how many folks they can hit with each opinion, insult, or truth. I love technology and the internet and the ability to connect with others, but not the foolishness and keyboard gangsta mentality.

Similarly, I love the Golden Girls, Sophia was my girl. But she was brutal to Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche. She called Blanche everything but a hoe, Rose everything but brain dead, and Dorothy everything but an ugly duckling, her own daughter… oh wait I think she said all of shit. In part, I loved her because she was brutally honest. But also because you knew she loved the other three ladies, Dorothy especially, despite her quips. When she needed to bring it down and show compassion, she did. Be like Sophia…

So while you are ridding your home of hoarded trinkets and papers, downloading your weight loss apps, growing out your bangs, and getting your dating life in order with a photo shoot… if we all made a resolution to pair our honesty with compassion, we could spread kindness and love. Like the words penned by the great Burt Bacharach, it’s TRULY “what the world needs now!”

So spread love,

Be kind,

Value humanity…

and then tell your truth!

Now let’s get to taking over…

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