Drink YOUR water

We spend wayyyy too much time minding other people’s business. Social media gives us insight into the lives of strangers, that allows the overly opinionated, hating, jealous, and insecure the means to judge and comment upon every little thing other people do. Hair, skin, clothes, grammar… ok good grammar is life so you can keep commenting on that, partners, whatever… everyone has an opinion. But in the spirit of most of us not giving one good damn about what you think…

Let people do shit the way they want… mind your own business.

People who are insecure feel better when people venture towards the things they are doing or they are trying to do, to validate their life choices. #validateyoself

Every woman who is married but feels good about herself only because she is bound by marriage to another, and feels inadequate alone believes every other woman should be married.


Every entrepreneur who struggled finding position and place in the workforce and needed to be validated by others in that space, puts down people who work for other people.


We must cease and desist with attempting to validate what we are doing by demanding that others follow suit or putting them down for failing to. Bottom line, everyone does NOT want to:

-own a business. There is no shame in working for someone if you are doing work you enjoy and being paid your worth. Being an entrepreneur IS NOT for everyone, and takes time, structure, discipline, and sacrifice many people are not in the right space to take on, or simply don’t want to.

-have kids. If you have kids I’m sure you love them but you also know that having children that you are tasked with caring for, not just spending fun times with or providing situational parenting for (we love y’all, but that’s not full time parenting), is a career. Some folks just wanna travel and go out when they want. I can dig it.

-be married. Some people just want a lifetime bae. So, to the marriage fanatics, please don’t start with all the legal benefits of marriage. Contracting with another person has bigger ramifications than just who makes decisions when they die or who gets that ugly ass dining room set. Marriage is a contract for life partnership that extends beyond the romantic and emotional, and frankly it just ain’t the thing to do because you love someone.

-wear uncomfortable shoes. Some folks know that Louboutin could give a flying fig newton if you can walk at 70, and they do make really cute comfy shoes. Anything over three and a half, and I’m going with three cuz I wanna walk forever, is meant for curbside service and resting on shoulders. #isaidwhatisaid #imgrown #himom LOL

-dedicate their existence to being thin. Our bodies are not all meant to be the same. These curves got nerve and they aren’t going anywhere no matter how many marathons I run or spinach shakes I drink. Health, however is mandatory. But telling someone else how to look is not your bag suga… you just make sure you eat right, exercise, and love you!

-be vegan. I don’t care how many articles, burgers made from beans and carrots, or bikini pics you post… a few pieces of bacon can turn your whole life around. I’m all for limiting my red meat intake, but I’m going to eat bacon with my pancakes, made from real eggs and butter. My grandparents lived to 98 and 94 and they believed in butter, cream, bacon, and a glass of scotch in moderation. Live to ninety then talk to me.

-burn sage, meditate, and bust open chakras. Now if you know me, I’m doing all of this, all the time. I am all about spiritual cleansing and enlightenment. However, some folks just pray, and that’s cool. Other folks just… well I dunno what they do, but that’s okay. I will be releasing my root chakra and mixing my essential oils over here. But I’m not judging you if you don’t.

-watch Game of Thrones. I binged watched this and I can officially tell you that Game of Thrones > Breaking Bad > The Wire >>>>> Everything Else Ever Broadcast! I love Arya and I also love Cersei, “I ain’t a killer but don’t push me”… but if you aren’t watching you have no idea who in the hell I’m talking about and that’s okay. Watch whatever bad TV you are into. LOL Btw… I side eye and secretly don’t trust people who say they don’t watch tv. Just saying.

-share everything. Now personally I am suspicious of people who broadcast their every move, it’s rooted in some need that I just don’t have the time or energy to take on. However, it’s a phenomenon. But people who keep things to themselves are not sneaky, they know that their next move is for them to know and you to see, maybe. Again, everyone doesn’t need or want validation. If God put me here, that’s all the validation I need that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Read that last line again!

-heal… this is the one you can judge and run the fuck away from FAST!

In summary, you do you, let other people do them, and if anyone doesn’t like it…

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