Ayesha …

“Ayesha so glad to meet ya!” -Another Bad Creation

Ayesha Disa Curry … is one half of a brand… The cute kids, the beautiful, dedicated, business woman, the superstar athlete who dotes on her, and three adorable social media cute kids. High school sweethearts. They got all the ingredients for a ready made reality show.

But halt…

Contrary to popular belief… she is not just Steph Curry’s wife. While he might be dribbling the ball, she’s a major player in his success. They have been a couple since they were 15 years old… there is no way that her support and dedication hasn’t made it possible for him to rise to the level of success he has. He might be the dunk, but she’s the rebound and the assist… shit didn’t happen without her. So Ayesha gets to have a voice of her own… she’s earned that. And y’all are super mad she used it.

So her Red Table talk confession that the female attention her husband receives in front of her, and her lack of outwardly expressed attention from other men, especially as a new mother, makes her feel some level of insecurity about her beauty and whether she is desirable. The internet ran rampant with memes and opinions from left to right. Folks, mainly men and dishonest women, were mad butt hurt that she dared be honest about her feelings and simultaneously display some ego. She’s a chick with a baller…if she will publicly throw him under the bus then what does that mean for us? Shit… we buy our wives vacuums for their birthdays, and wait…

Him: Did you color your hair, are those those highlight things? Whose attention are you trying to get?

Her: I colored my hair two years ago?

Do our women want male attention too?

If I’m a woman, does her confession resonate with some real thoughts and insecurities I might have?

(Sing) 🎶 “Ayesha…”

“The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something.” -Muhammad Iqbal

What she said is not an uncommon feeling for women, especially as we change. Other men are rarely going to holla at you right in your man’s face… while bold women will certainly shoot their shot. And certainly with her cuz that’s a multi-millionaire basketball great you are married to. Any backlash or ass whooping she might get is worth every plane ticket and Chanel bag she might get as a consolation prize for being your dude’s side piece. She’s gonna take her chance. But being the woman of Steph Curry, one half of one of the biggest husband/wife brands in sports, chances are slim that many men will approach you. Plus you’ve got three kids, you are HIS HIS in their eyes. But their eyes still see.

“Ayesha, you know I want you so bad!”

Her admission that “ it’d be nice to know that, like, someone’s lookin” sent folks off the cliff. But let’s start at the beginning, she was ASKED “How do y’all deal with all the ladies around your men?” by Jada Smith. She didn’t just offer up this shit… she’s on an Internet talk show, being asked questions by the host. How dare she answer a direct question.

Society is thrilled by male ego… we see it ever present in sports, the workplace, our relationships. He wants to win, be successful, and be needed. Period. And that’s okay. But the moment a woman displays some ego…Load up the Scorpion and pelt her with dragon sized arrows. How dare she have an ego.

“It’s too big, it’s too wide, it’s too strong, it won’t fit…”

She’s a beautiful woman, of course men are paying her attention. It’s not outward so she doesn’t see it. But the hoes are bold and brash. It would leave any woman feeling some type of way. You lying if you say otherwise. Her choice to express those very real insecurities surrounded by women that support her, on a platform that airs on social media, got y’all all in your own feelings…

Check it… being rich, famous, successful, and beautiful, does not suddenly shield you from insecurity OR dictate that you cannot express how you feel. Her feelings are her own. She is not responsible for how you experience her non-violent and non-abusive expression. And the audacity of her to admit to having an ego… an ego that men and perpetually insecure women, cannot STAND that she displayed. Newsflash, we all have one. Fellas, that doesn’t mean we want to take advantage of the attention, but that doesn’t change the fact that everyone wants to feel wanted… and as people grow and change in a relationship, especially a public one, those romantic compliments sometimes get lost in the very real space of family, finances, business, the media, and celebrity. She said it, she doesn’t WANT the attention, she simply wants to feel wanted.

And fuck yeah every woman likes a well placed compliment, someone glancing at them like they are an in between breakfast and lunch snack, a smile, a “hey beautiful”. If you are professing so hard that all your self-esteem, every ounce of it at all times is on a thousand cuz you love yourself …blah blah blah…me thinks thou dost protest too much. A little honesty and a little ego might just get you that attention you long for… from the man who you do want it from. You may not WANT the attention, but EVERYONE wants to feel wanted. Period. Fight me.

And fellas, I suggest you stop trying to understand and judge her position and instead figure out your own. I don’t know a woman alive who REALLY cares how friendly her dude is, if the groupies are riding your jock, you better let them know whose number only in your stable… especially if she’s standing there. Ain’t that much friendly in the world. IN THE WORLD! In relationships we take on roles of service to our mates. You better give her what she needs… especially if she’s help position you to get the groupies. Claim her out loud even in situations you don’t understand, but that she tells you cause her some bits of insecurity. Healing that insecurity is on her, but supporting her healing is your job sir. Get on it.

And anyone that just wants to tear her down because you tear down women for sport… from me on her behalf… swing on deez nuts “at the playground, ya know!”

(Sing )🎶 “Playground”

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  1. Cherry · May 10, 2019

    Girl you hit the nail on the head as usual! Love it


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