A Secret Society

Those who don’t know the value of loyalty can never appreciate the cost of betrayal.”-unknown

Truer words my friends, truer words. Chris Brown was absolutely correct in his assessment:

So let’s just lay this all out… you never get anywhere being dirty, but in the dirt. If you find that your life is a series of failures, almosts, unnecessary loss, never quites, just misseds, and hell to the nopes it might be a good time to evaluate whether you are a good person and whether you are being good to other people. If you don’t quite know what that means, that’s your first clue you ain’t loyal, but for shits & giggles lets explore the topic.

Betrayal comes in many forms, some which I have unfortunately become very familiar with lately. If we buy a puppy together, you can’t train that puppy to bite me. You can’t poison my food and pull the plate away right before I eat. Likewise, I can’t praise you to your face and put you down behind your back. No matter your level of deceit, trickery, or fuckery… it’s betrayal and like all things done in darkness, it’ll show its face in lightness and expose you.

Here’s the rub, if you have ever cared for anyone you fall out with, bashing them in your head is understandable, but bashing them to other people is out of order. If you value things over people, then you’ll have things and no relationships of value to speak of. And if you tell someone you are down, but it’s in word only and only when they are watching … you are definitely down but not for them, but for the bullshit. The world is small, you never know who you are talking to or mistreating. No one owes another person anything, but the ebb and flow of positivity and negativity in your own life is a direct result of how you treat people. It’s that thing… karma. And she is everything they say she is… she can be your best friend or the biggest bitch. The choice is yours.

So take a look at your life, see what side of decency upon which you fall. If you spend any time of significance assessing how to shit on other people or you spend no time of significance thinking about how your actions affect others… others who do nothing but support and care for you… I’ll tell you, you are on the failing side. If you care to change it, own your shit and do better, or else you’ll soon find yourself ingesting the results of your behavior.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be drinking our own water in our secret society…

“It’s a secret society/All we ask is trust /All we got is us

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty”- Kendrick Lamar & Rihanna

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