What’s Wack ?

We’ll always love Big Poppa, but Mama got a lil fire in her belly too…

I can’t rap worth a shit, but I can string words together. And as of today I’m officially done and laughing at wack folks! So since Biggie told us what beef is… let me introduce you to what wack is…

Do you know what wack is?/Ask yourself… do you know what wack is?

Ha ha ha ha ha, As fucked up as you are, You thought you could trick me. Well here’s a treat.

Won’t put no money where yo mouth is, But bring the table where yo seat is. Off my name, no square biz, check, check it …

My legacy been locked, writin shit like Alain Locke, But BANs stay tryna blow up my spot.

So indignant, wack niggas so ignorant. That block won’t stop, this HAIL storm you dropped.You can’t stop the rain, Loose Ends stay frayed.

Slow down, you got clowned, It’s my turn now.Stay Pennywise, no surprise, you tried unfold your lies but my my eyes stayed wise. Didn’t you know, I was the brains of this franchise?

No assist needed, I rebound that joint. Triple doubles, I collect them joints

Fuck that wack shit, I snuffed yo joint. So when you fall, I know who you better not call. Call your moms with that fever. Oh she don’t fuck with you either.

You just got got by this ether… Now are you a believer?

What’s wack?

Wack is when your own name holds no rank. Wack is when you a dude with nothing in the bank. Wack is when you tried to Shawshank, my memory aiming at you point blank, you can’t shake it.

What’s beef?

In closing… be bigger, be defer, be better… but don’t be wack!

“It’s obvious the game’s new to ya

Take them ends you make

And spend em on a tutor, ha!” -Biggie

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