You Ain’t Fly

There are some fine brothas in this world.

“French vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate deluxe… even caramel sundaes” -Method Man, Ice Cream

…with a beard, even better. Regardless of how fine dude is, however, he can’t think he’s finer than you. Nope. Houston, we have a problem.

For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself. -Galatians 6:3

Men and women alike are both supposed to put effort into looking their best. However, unless he’s doing makeup magic like the girls on YouTube who put on faces of shellac and polyurethane, chances are he had very little to do with his basic aesthetics. Talk a minute to an ignorant fine brother with a chip on his shoulder… it won’t matter how fine he is anymore. So much more goes into being attractive than your God given features. But let’s be honest, the rumor is there’s a penis drought and women are out here putting up with all kinds of unnecessary just to have a “man”. Even putting up with men who have it all twisted.

“Or maybe, baby, you just look too good for me. Don’t sweat yourself. – Al B. Sure, Off On Your Own

Pretentious men are bitches. Yep, I said it. No grown ass man who has responsibilities and a whole life to live is going to waste any of his time trying to convince you or remind you that he is the fine one on the team. Instead, because his job is to protect you from harm, even your own, he’s going to build you up… head to toe. He will call you terms of endearment, remind you that you are beautiful, and ensure you that you are enough just as you are. Only sad men choose women who they don’t find attractive… physically, spiritually, and mentally. So if he’s trying to remind you of how fly he is at every turn… as Too $hort would say “what’s my favorite word!”

Little piece of fact… pretentious men are also often hoes. Penis in exchange for pay. So they think that you are supposed to be so happy to be on their arm, that you should be the one taking care of them.

ATTENTION SIRS…absolutely and not!

There is certainly nothing wrong with both parties wanting a mate that is financially stable, but that is wholly different from him looking at you as his benefactor. Like a Sugar Daddy, a Sugar Mama wants something sweet. And there is nothing remotely delicious about a hobo-sexual (a broke ass dude tryna get on to get a meal or a pair of Jordans).

“Pay to the order of who?? Not you! Why? You’re not that fly.” -Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, You Ain’t Fly

A fine brother with a heart of gold, the mind of a hustler, and the soul of light will woo you with his face and his finesse! He’ll pick you because you match his fly, not to fly past you to boost his ego. Furthermore, he will be clear that it is you, who are the prize and he who is the prize winner. He’ll know he’s fine, he’ll be sure of himself and all that he is, and aware of and working towards what he is not… and he will delight in the fact that your even finer ass is by his side.


  1. Maisha Lindsey · August 14, 2019

    Amen and amen.


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