Angelas: Side Chick Truths

…big mad. First they replace Joe in the theme song and then they got Jaime crying over Angela. Angela, the “side chick”. I have read exactly 20 various social media posts about the level of sheer disgust y’all hold for the women men cheat with. And while I might regret this, I’m gonna quote Chris Brown…

These hoes ain’t loyal!

This might not be popular, but I ain’t never scared.

First, so I can’t speak for you, but I want no parts of any man who is so foul he is in a relationship with me, but piping some other woman. He wasn’t “mine” to begin with, he’s got an option, and if his option is not me, everyday, all the time, I’m not interested. Furthermore, a respectful man would tell me, but regardless he can take that dirty pencil and write on her walls. I don’t want it. Unless I considered her a friend or we share blood, my beef isn’t with her. She owed me nothing.

I’m not a fan of the term “side chick.”

For all intents and purposes, she’s on his team whether a starter or coming off the bench. If he’s sitting his star player down, she clearly isn’t just a bench warmer. Side chicks become main hens everyday. We all know in the beginning, despite your actual positioning, it’s her whose getting the spoils and you who is actually sitting out the game wondering why he’s not picking up, where he really is, or who he is really with. She likely knows where he is whether with her or you. You are clueless. She may be the side chick but worse, he’s your “cheating man.” It is him who owes you loyalty, not her. Place your blame on the correct hoe… the hoe you picked!

These hoes ain’t loyal!

Don’t shoot the messenger. I can tell some women are upset from experience. I’m just calling it how I see it. If your dude can’t control himself, perhaps he’s an animal you plucked from the wild, but my guess is that he can he just chooses not to. We gotta stop blaming people outside of our relationships for responsibilities we dishonor in our own relationships. We owe our mates loyalty and honesty. Likewise we must stop giving all our power away. You picked him. Own that. You can unpick his ass, or keep him. The choice is typically yours. However,the side chick likely doesn’t even know you to owe you anything. In fact, no one owes you anything. Facts we might not like, but facts nonetheless.

Cheat on me, she can have you, more power to her! She can be your main chick now. Tell her Congratulations, while you get ghost. Now put that in your pipe…

Life’s full of twists and turns, bumps and bruises, I live, I learn. – 50Cent “Big Rich Town” POWER theme song

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