Put Em in Check

Forgive the sound quality bc I was literally On the Lodge wit it…


It’s not verbatim but a snippet of my discussion here! Enjoy. I clearly need better acoustics! But lemme know what you think.


No, not her.

Not him either.

You boo… I’m talking about you!

As wonderful and “Yesssss Girl Yesssssss” supportive as we are, as giving, healing, loving, and full of humanity as we might be… all of us have negative characteristics.

Kind, compassionate, smart, fun, and lazy.

Honest, supportive, witty, stable, and bitchy.

Successful, beautiful, talented, and unhealed.

And while we often exalt ourselves, which we should, we need to pepper that sugar with some salt to help draw out those impurities. I mean no matter how fine we are, we still do a charcoal mask or a ACV rinse on our lovely locks once a week… it keeps us looking our best. Well similarly we need to do a gut check to make sure we are being as forthright in our relationships… cuz if we are bitchy sometimes, we have the tendency to be a bitch at any given moment and towards anyone.

So we need to put those negative qualities in Check, and make sure we follow some important guidelines when we have unloaded our negative bits onto someone else. And we do it all the time, sometimes in small ways, other times in larger ways. But it’s our responsibility to pick that low hanging fruit and instead go high.

Check Yourself 101

1. Acknowledge all of who you are

2. Be present

3.Be honest with yourself

4. Take notice of how you feel after you demonstrate any of those negative traits

4. Ask for forgiveness

5. Sit in that shit so you know how it will explode the next time you decide to demonstrate those words/actions/energy.

Our relationships depend on us being clear about how we treat others. When you have been a bitch, lazy, or brought that unhealed negative energy into your interactions with others, it manifests mentally and emotionally with those you care about… and even those you don’t!

And be clear, our behaviors and words matter no matter who we direct them at! No one is in control of you, but you. It doesn’t matter what she did or he said, how we choose to react says everything about who YOU really are. I’m not saying don’t check them too, but acting an ass is not a requirement to getting your point across. Got it! Hope so.

So while you are basking in your light, be aware of where your light is dim. Other people deserve the best of you or none of you, but not ever the worst of you. We all have gifts and garbage… no one wants your trashy ass behavior! No one.

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