You down wit WPP

So Botham Jean was killed by off duty police officer Amber Guyger who entered HIS apartment and shot and killed him. He was unarmed… in HIS apartment.

Can we talk?


Okay, so at her sentencing yesterday, Botham’s brother hugged and openly forgave her. I imagine for him, losing his sibling, finding a way to forgive her and release the anger and rage he surely must have felt, was necessary. I don’t stand in judgement of him at all. He is grieving and trying to make sense of this all. He should do what he needs to do in order to help facilitate his healing. Forgiveness is for the forgiver, not the forgiven. She’s no more or less guilty because of his actions.


this racist cow got her HAIR STROKED gently by the Black female bailiff after she was convicted of killing a Black man in his house.

WTF yo!?!?

Okay so baby steps.

This is Botham Jean. Born in St Lucia, Botham was an associate for Price Waterhouse, and the young age of 26. On September 8, 2018, Guyger claimed she mistakenly entered Botham’s apartment, thinking it was her own, and opened fire when she opened the door, which was left ajar, while Botham sat watching tv and eating ice cream. Witnesses say they heard knocking and a woman yelling “Let me in” in the hallway near Botham’s apartment. That same day someone filed a noise complaint with the complex from Guyger’s apartment regarding Botham’s apartment. Sounds like lies to me.

Anyhow, she was first charged with manslaughter and finally indicted for murder. Soon after investigators began looking for incriminating evidence against Botham, stating they found a small amount of marijuana in the home… which has no bearing on his murder. So the race shit starts.

First her lawyer seeks to move the trial to a whiter area of town to get a whiter jury. She made social media comments relating to her shoot first, ask questions later frame of mind. She also sent texts to her married beau about having a different work ethic than Black officers, and joking that killing off MLK would cease the Black themed events in the area. She’s clearly a racist gutter rat….

So not only did she get 10 years for murder, can you say White Privilege plus White Protection (oh imma get back to that) she will be eligible for parole in five years. None of US will be surprised if she’s walking the streets by 2024. But our lack of surprise does not replace our outrage.

They can kill us in the streets. They can kill us in a cell. They can kill us in our own homes. And they barely serve time in jail. They can do anything they want to us. A story we won’t live to tell.

We are tired, angry, hurt, traumatized, afraid, protective, and sick of the privilege and syndromes they enact upon us time and time again. Then they attempt to smear our souls, after they have snuffed our lives, by searching for pictures in bandanas, middle fingers up, grillz, or social media posts that incriminate the victims. Only for crimes committed by White people do victims become the criminals and the criminals become victims.

I mean how dare this Black man eat ice cream on his sofa in his own apartment… didn’t he know he might get shot? While this murderer has her hair gently stroked and primped like she was a precious doll on display and not a convicted racist murderer. Oh what a treat…

and by a Black woman at that.

You are focused on his brother… an example of the power of forgiveness and healing. Focus instead on how this judge came off the stand to embrace this convicted murderer and how she had her hair stroked like an innocent child. That’s the shit that I call WPP… it’s white protection privilege for white women.

It’s a social illness often suffered by White people and people of color alike. This idea that white women are in need of protections often not offered to other women, as the white womb of future white men. Yep, I said it. White women’s chastity, safety, reputation, and lives are given this state of the art security protection that is offered up solely based on their bodies as potential breeders to more privileged white men. They don’t care about you boo… just your uterus. Be clear.

But like everything that has permeated American racial politics, some of us get manipulated or simply tricked into believing this is what’s up. It ain’t. But it’s why you see Black children pick white dolls… supposedly prettier. It’s why folks see a white woman crying and run to her aid… often to the detriment of women of color who are expected to help her. She’s the fallen princess, and we are the mules that carry her lifeless body back to safety. We stroke her hair, coddle her, make sure she is ok. No matter how much we’ve been yet, abused, or used… check on white sis.

Fuck that ole Imitation of Life shit.

Especially when she murders Black men.

Go home and stroke your Mama’s hair… or better yet walk over and embrace that man’s mother, show her kindness. You already know what a racist murderer can get. Sadly it ain’t the same 45 years a Black man gets for shooting a dog.

“Not fiction but black fact, believe that… get the bozack!” -EPMD

#sayhisname #bothamjean

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  1. Cherry · October 4, 2019

    On point! Nothing else needs to be said, aside from singing the endless ol negro chant “we must do betta”… fin


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