For the Love or Money

I’m all about my money.

Lemme repeat… I’m all about MY money.

This year has been the year of financial wealth building for me. I have raised my credit score, invested in stocks, and I’ve got several projects on the burners to start making money in my sleep as opposed to having to clock in every day to pay my bills and play like I want to.

The Is and MYs and MEs are purposeful. These are my independent and joint money goals.

But my partnership goals are different.

Recently on T.I.s podcast, his wife Tameka Tiny Harris said she was told to marry for financial security and not love. Similarly I engaged on a Facebook discussion regarding the subject, where it was clear that many of the women agreed with the idea of marrying for financial security, but my ideas are very different.

Prehistoric models of marriage hinged on preserving social status. American legal theory on marriage borrowed from and capitalized on this idea, by the socialization of marriage as a institution to preserve the American aristocracy. It was not devoid of love, just devoid of human love… for the love of money. This is a model forced upon us… and as the model changed and morphed, the idea of men as ultimate provider was something we attempted as well. But this is not our ancestral model and it was a system built upon individualist, patriarchal, and racist ideals. That shit ain’t for us.

Our ancestors are watching… this is my take.


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