This for That

Six million, six hundred seventy four thousand, eight hundred eleven people voted for third party candidates in the 2016 election.

Y’all suck.

I blame you for this.

I can’t even say his name. We’ll call him The Elected.

The Elected uses foreign policy as a personal tool. He uses his office and Presidential Power to manipulate and manuever favors with these governments for he and his cronies. According to the Mueller investigation, Russia helped win the initial election via social media and social engineering because it was strongly against a Clinton Presidency and that interference was allowed in exchange for The Elected’s real estate deals. Deals that he took Phil Ruffin, his Vegas business partner, along to help negotiate… oh and there were mad hoes present too. Money and hoes for elections and casinos. This for that.

Likewise The Elected had issues with China and trade sanctions. He agreed to relax those sanctions right around the time his Vegas buddy Sheldon Adelson notifies him those sanctions could start a major trade war with China. Meanwhile Adelson was seeing huge gains from his now very most lucrative casino resort on Chinese territory in Macao. Both Ruffin and Adelson are million dollar benefactors to The Elected’s campaign. We making Macao Money for Sweatshop Sneakers. Pay for play. This for that.

Now he is being proven guilty of manipulating Ukraine into investigating the Biden’s after Biden proved to be his biggest election competitor. History tells us, the Presidency has given him access to financial success via his international business dealings. Why would a self proclaimed billionaire who has failed at every financial endeavor he’s entered into, want to give up that position? Sinning for the winnings. This for that.

The Elected is treating America like his New Jersey General’s team in the USFL… he’s willing to tank the whole thing to make himself and his buddies more money. He once met privately with former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle offering to ruin the USFL in exchange for an NFL franchise. Sound familiar?

This is America…

These talking heads who surround him are sad displays of legal and political leaders. Harvard legal professor Alan Dershowitz :”…if a president did something that he believes will help him get elected — in the public interest — that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.” Republican Senator Lamar Anderson (JD, 1965): The House Managers have proven that the President asked Ukraine to investigate Biden and also made military help contingent upon that investigation… it’s inappropriate but not impeachable. So I don’t need more evidence.

These are people who educate America’s legal scholars and make the laws… but most Senators are lawyers by education.These Senators have decided to hold a trial without witnesses, even though they know that the purpose of a trial is to present evidence and witnesses to prove or disprove the charges against the accused. If Bolton is not credible (His lack of integrity [like Bannon,Flynn, Wakdh, Prisbus, Spicer, Sanders, Chen, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Kelly, Tillerson, Sessions, Perry] was the reason he was hired) that’s the job of The Elected’s lawyers to prove. However in terms of an impeachable act, this isn’t difficult! But The Elected is known for turning on those who display and require political integrity. These dudes cannot believe the trash they are spewing, but it’s the political billionaire version of Arnold giving the Gooch his lunch so he wouldn’t get beat up. This for that.

“Quid pro quo, something for something, that’s the obvious!” -Kendrick Lamar, Institutionalized

Here’s the bottom line in basic terms: The Elected’s admitted he requested an investigation into the Bidens during a July 25th phone call to the President of the Ukraine. He then withheld approved aid to the Ukraine. THIS FOR THAT! The request was the “quid pro quo” or “the favor/advantage granted or expected in return for something. It is illegal under Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution for anyone who holds office to receive any emolument from a foreign government. An emolument is any gift or thing of value. An investigation into an electors opponent for office, to gain public office is a thing of value. Therefore the quid pro quo by The Elected was a violation of the Constitution, an impeachable offense. The fact that Senate Republicans basically decided against witnesses and against impeachment before the trial began is a sign of the fascist times.

This is anti-jurisprudence.

This is America.

We got 6,674,811 problems and that dude is number one!

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