Blacksplaining and a Jiving

If you are a woman you have had some guy mansplain, or discuss something from his perspective as a man in a condescending or oversimplified manner, to you like you were an idiot… it happens with everything from football to cars, BBQing to driving. It’s irritating AF, and there is no greater joy than saying whatever was mansplained to you back in the simplest words ever. Cuz I don’t need your explanation and I certainly don’t need your patriarchy. But have you been blacksplained… I have, it frankly sucks worse.

So here’s the deal… typically this condescension is from one group to another, so there is at least the idea of impropriety. But blacksplaining can happen in group or out group. Being Black is no particular experience. Being a Black woman, I might have many similarities with a Black woman or even a Black man, but chances are our differences are just as great. Class, education level, experiences, opportunity, etc. play a very large part in our reality. But when the hoteps and shoteps start (s)hoteping, they are looking for something to trivialize and simplify the general Black experience, particularly the Black woman’s experience. I say nope.

Blacksplainers… we ain’t lucky we got em!

It usually starts with some form of the following:

“There is a history of…” “

Black people have been…”

“The stereotypical image of…”

“As a Black woman…”

Ma’am or Sir, we are not a monolith. Just like mansplaining, blacksplaining is usually based wholly on opinion or individual experience but then extrapolated to the larger group as if we are all the same. We are not. Chances are if the idea or thought you are trying to fight is hitting you so hard personally, it’s personal. I know my people’s history just as well as you do. I read. I’m educated. I know some shit. But if I give an opinion or individual experience… that is what it is… period. I don’t need your explanations.

I recently had a dialogue about Black women’s wants and needs versus those of White women. I was hit with this full on case study about who, what, where, and why. I’m a Black woman. My counterpart in this dialogue was as well. I’m sure she thinks she educated me… nawww. I knew that shit. I also think she oversimplified and overgeneralized, as well as based her theory off of unfair comparisons to White women. That happens a lot. The blacksplaining is rooted in this White-centered reality that simply doesn’t apply to us. ” White people go for the gold and we are satisfied with the bronze because at least it’s a prize…” type shit. But perhaps we were most concerned with placing because we never had, and we wanted to clear one hurdle at a time! Don’t attempt to shush me with your long winded soliloquy of silliness or paint my Black as beautiful only when it’s whitewashed. Don’t do it.

One reason why Black women are tired is everyone is trying to tell us what we should believe, do, think, say, look like… and our own folks are trying to blacksplain us into submission. Blacksplain it to yo mama… or just keep it away from me. FOH!

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