black v. Black

This will be my one and only time talking about this self-hating, sold her soul to the white supremacy for a dollar ass clown Candace Owens. In light of the change that is happening in America in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd, and her toxic commentary, it’s important to know how TRASH this person really is . She is black. She ain’t Black. She might be somebody’s sister, but she ain’t a sista.

She’s black like mourning, sadness, darkness. She’s the “black sheep”. Each of her days is a “black day”. Like the American idioms that paint the color black as negative , she is sleeping with the enemy, a bedfellow of the white supremacist. She is living blackmail, extorting all that is good and ancestral about Black Americans from us for her progress. She is illicit and fraudulent like the “black market”; rejecting our creativity and the richness of our culture, literally blackballing; and a “black mark” on our political and social history in the US. She is black on black crime personified. She’s black.

She is not Black. Her darkness does not absorb the light, it repels it in favor of lies, deceit, and utter foolishness. She dismisses Black culture by dismissing the importance of our lives. All life does not matter unless and until Black Lives Matter. Full and complete stop. She supports and endorses a man who quotes George Wallace, makes threats on the lives of people protesting per their Constitutional rights, and is having his first rally in the home of the worse Black massacre in America, Tulsa, on Juneteenth, the day Black people celebrate our actual liberation from American slavery. She probably thinks Chic-fil-A tenders are the best fried chicken she’s ever had. I bet she can’t name two Ice Cube albums, doesn’t eat fish on Friday’s, and doesn’t know that she’s supposed to to the Electric Slide when “My Eyes Don’t Cry” comes on at her cousin’s wedding.

Mostly she is a capitalist looking for a come up. Like many Black far right conservatives, she saw a lane there that few Black people were inhabiting. So she took advantage. In 2015 ole girl was running a company whose website boasted an anti-conservative blog. She once critiqued the “bat-shit-crazy antics of the Republican Tea Party”, adding, “The good news is, they will eventually die off (peacefully in their sleep, we hope), and then we can get right on with the OBVIOUS social change that needs to happen, IMMEDIATELY.” The Tea Party ain’t the only ones who are bat shit crazy.

Likely, the moment she heard the bark like coo of the simple minded white nationalism and supremacy pigeons shatting on the history making decency of Barack Obama’s presidency, she was hooked. She knew her melanated self had found her place to shine. In 2016 after anonymous individuals posted her private information online, the exact business her company Social Autopsy was engaged in, Conservatives randomly blamed progressives in her “defense”. I mean they are the bullies. She got hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray. The far right of social media tricked this opportunist into conservatism and as she put it she “became a conservative overnight.” She went from a suit to a fringed number with clear shoes… and got rained on by the right. She made a career out of supporting the richest US President in history. Surprise, surprise.

She frequently criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement, speaks against the very existence of systemic racism, disrespects Black Americans, and speaks ill of the dead Black males who litter the streets from police brutality. Her Twitter feed is currently full of negative comments on George Floyd because of his alleged past. A past that had nothing to do with his death by asphyxiation from a grown man’s knee on his cartoid artery in 2020. She doesn’t believe in white privilege and seems to believe Black people want White people to fix our lives.Candace Owens is a narcissist. She clearly sees herself as somehow superior to Black Americans because she has Caribbean ancestry, yet she was born in the US.

We are not the same.

She is not one of us. She stopped coming to the barbecue to go country line dancing. She uses her black face as a pawn. Her brand of self loathing is what happens when you don’t know your self or your peers. black v. Black. Perhaps she should have stayed in school. Just saying… cuz ignorance. Checkmate. She claims that expecting white people to correct racism speaks to their superiority and that Black people blame their positioning on White people. Wrong. White privilege is a very real phenomenon that gives White people carte blanche opportunity, justice, protection, and the benefit of the doubt. They granted that to themselves. It is up to them to relinquish their stronghold on humanity. Black people only want our fair share of the pie.

Candace Owens is simply a horrible individual based on what comes out of her mouth and her fingertips. Anyone who would attempt to justify a man’s murder… his face held against the concrete, calling for his mother, last breaths escaping from his mouth…by asphyxiation from a knee in his neck is an idiot. He didn’t get tortured for 8:46 because he was once accused of a crime, but because he was Black. Here’s what Candace doesn’t know… Had she been driving down a Texas highway and stopped by Brian Encinia and taken to Wallerc County Jail (Sandra Bland) or had police entered her apartment on a no-knock warrant with a battering ram to which her boyfriend, thinking it was intruders, fired a shot (Breonna Taylor) … she’d likely be a name on an RIP list too. She may not acknowledge color but everyone else does.

“Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga /Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga … Still nigga”

-Jay Z

In closing, don’t be like Candace Owens, don’t be…

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