Operation 45

Okay so we are ALL over 2020… thus far. But some things don’t change cuz I’m still…

2020 has been ravaged by plagues. First Popeyes Chicken sammiches sold out in the whole country, they ain’t have no more chicken y’all. Plus they prolly made Black people more susceptible to Covid-19, cuz it probably gave all of us COPD and mesothelioma, or some combination of the worse side effects known to man. Then because they can, cops kept killing us and trying to expose our former Black activists and community service leaders as criminals and whatnot to justify their murderous ways. And we took to the streets, defended our bodies, held our wallets, and screamed out our oppression until we started to feel at least some of the shackles pop at the links. Chicken and cops…

But like God has promised… our suffering shall not endure and joy does come in the morning. I think that morning will come on November 3rd. And on that morning we should wake up, put on our best Black tees, go to polling locations when we must, take selfies and post them to every social media account with our fists up and our Black families in tow. If we voted absentee/mail-in ballot, go light up the grill to fill the hoods and burbs with the smell of charcoal, grilling meat, and Jack Daniels wood chips. We should take the day off of work, not spend one single dollar in the marketplace except with each other, and watch as we dismantle this system of racism, inhumanity, and absurdity that has plagued us for the last four years. That is our next biggest fight. Black tees and blackouts..

Later that month I’ll turn 44. Our greatest legacy in American politics, to date, was the 44th President of the United States. He wasn’t a President for Black people, that was not his job! He was a President for all people… and even as he tried to make sure to honor all lives, Congress and State governments continued to sanction the murders of Black men and women by their actors.

Trayvon, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland… and our President acknowledged them and their families and the need for change and reform that Conservative legislators refused to move on. The murders continue… Armand Arbery, Sean Reed, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd… and the incumbent says nothing, calls for more of the same “law and order” police brutality. Calling protestors looters. Calling for looters to be shot. Failing to see many of his own instigating the fires and violence around the country. No different than the “very fine” White supremacists at their Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. It’s fine to forsake a Black life but you won’t even condemn the hateful actions of a White person. He’s a stain on the White stripes. All lives don’t matter until Black lives matter. Operative word… all!!!!!! Black bodies and White privilege…

November 2020 can be the start to the change we want and need to see. We need to be as systematic and unemotional about it as they are about racism. It all starts the morning of November 3. So make sure you turn in those ballots, offer rides to the polling locations, know who you are voting for and why, and get your can of paint and let’s paint the White House Black. That doesn’t mean a Black person has to sit in office but surely that our interests, our safety, our opportunity, or protection, our education and finance, and our lives are at the front and center of anyone’s policies that we vote for. To be Black in this country, as it’s architects, should be at least a fair balance of our interests with those of the government. We don’t have to be in a constant state of rage… that rage stems from governments allowance of racial injustice. We have to force them to change with the power of our voice and vote. We got this yo! Votes and victories…

Better rock that vote or vote for hell

Real generals now not some USFL

Not a fuckin’ game, I dare not mention his name

Operation 45 yeah, it’s the same thing

-Public Enemy, State of the Union

Note: All tees by Stoop and Stank … Copping these Fannie Lou Hamer and James Baldwin joints soon!!!

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