WAP: Wack Ass Perspective

This’ll be short cuz it’s really simple.

“There’s some whores in this house” fa sho… some of them sell and serve up cutty and others sell and serve up patriarchy. They the same. A hoe is a hoe anyway you slice him or her.

On Friday, two videos came out.

WAP by Cardi B and Megan the Stallion.

Lyrics include: If it don’t hang, then he can’t bang
You can’t hurt my feelings, but I like pain
If he f#ck me and ask “Whose is it?”
When I ride the d*ck, I’ma spell my name.

No Dribble by DaBaby

Lyrics include: I give her d*ck, she walk out like it’s Thriller (Yeah)
She do a dance on a the d*ck, make a Triller (Dance)
Make a TikTok on the d*ck, she official (Go)
Check my wristwatch, that’s a motherfuckin’ blizzard (Bling)

So everybody had something to say… we can’t get a stimulus bill passed but a whole Congressional candidate was tweeting about WAP. California hopeful James Bradley noted the two rappers are “what happens when children are raised without God and without a strong father figure.” Yet he watched the video. I bet he likes ass and WAP, but he’s mad women are talking about it. Patriarchal bullshit much? I read tweets and posts about the song being in conflict with “Black women” wanting to be supported and respected. Real talk, you respect your mother, and I bet you are here because your father liked your mother’s WAP! Fuck your respectability politics.

Miss me with this TRASH y’all are talking. You know all the words to It Ain’t No Fun, Freaky Tales, and Akinyele “Put it in your Mouth” and you had THAT poster of Lil Kim on the inside of your closet. Moreover, I didn’t see ANYONE upset about DaBaby’s equally raunchy and sexual lyrics. No one tweeted about it. But that’s the whole entire problem. Men and holier than thou women who buy into patriarchy like good little women, believe it’s okay for men to talk about coochie and hell, even grab coochie, but the person with the coochie, to whom the coochie belongs, is not allowed to talk about it. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Here’s the truth, you don’t have to like the song, that’s a personal choice, but to ever infer that these two women, who had 13 million views and sold 200,000 copies of this single in one day, aren’t owed respect is ridiculous. You can’t get five people to like your Facebook post… but you think you get to determine what woman is worthy of respect.

Your Mother (PhD, head of the usher board, second soprano, Secretary of The Ladies Who Lunch community service organization): Cecil you better come get this WAP

Your Dad: Dry it off for me first…


So chill with that foolishness.

Oh and Black women deserve respect because we are the life source. We are the creators of magic. We support everyone, we birthed the nation, but we are the most disrespected people in the world. Despite the world’s hatred and hypocrisy, we know our power. It rests in our minds, our hearts, and our womb. WAP is the cypher… it’s your mother’s womb, your father’s favorite place, and from whence you came. Judge ya mama!

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