Rant: Make Sure Your Information is Correct

I have a gripe.

Y’all just WONT STOP putting misinformation out into the atmosphere and then assuring folks you read, you are smart, you are involved, you care. You most likely are all those things, but I have another description for you… you are wrong.

Some of y’all are so woke, you are blind! White folks are not the enemy, white supremacy and white privileged are the enemy. Racists are the enemy. Black people who support racists are the ultra raggedy enemy! Yes, every conservative is not a bad person. But every card carrying Republican that supports the alt-right, racist policy, and hatred is. Every liberal is not a good person. But if I have to chose between a human who has made mistakes, even racial ones and an inhumane racist… my choice is easy.

During desegregation in the 50s, we saw Black children trying to enter schools after Brown v. Board of Education, met with extreme hatred. After white flight, racist behavior and tactics still kept many Black students out of the more fully funded and educationally superior schools in White neighborhoods, so the Supreme Court in 1971 determine that forced busing could be used to ensure racial desegregation. This meant sending Black students from often poor neighborhoods to affluent White ones, where they were often treated as inferior, less intelligent, and unwelcome … and sending White children to schools in Black neighborhoods that were underperforming their native school.

When Biden made the comment about sending his children into a “racial jungle”, and YES he could have used a better word than jungle which has race implications in and of itself, he was specifically against forced busing because he thought the methods being used would not further racial harmony but drive a wedge through it. He was for integration, specifically housing integration, but felt forced busing only exposed the unequal education present in Black and White areas, and would ultimately lead to a race war. Integrating communities, he felt was a larger and longer lasting change to really help Black and White families to break down racial barriers.

Inner city schools should have the same resources and its students the same opportunities as those in the suburbs. Black people should be able to live where they feel most comfortable, whether the city or the suburbs and still have quality education for their students where they live. The policy makers were not interested in ensuring all children were given a quality education, but instead desegregating with the least common denominator. It wasn’t a practice in social change but simply a legal mandate that many of them didn’t agree with. Biden wanted to find ways to integrate that would result in racial peace not war. You can’t read one article and get the whole story. No professor in America would take your one source bibliography. Stop it!

We want people to vote, but we (intellectual and civic minded folks) do ALOT of misquoting and misdirection in our posts and comments about things going on today and things that shape opinions about people. Joe Biden is FAR from perfect, but he’s not a racist. I don’t deal with or find any human value in a racist. So in my opinion, Biden is the only choice. But be careful what you put out there… somebody may take your words for gospel and use them to make a decision. Make sure your information is correct!

Similarly, if I have to chose between criminal justice for my child’s state sanctioned death and millions of dollars, there is no amount of money that is worth my child’s life or justice for it. However I can want both. And if I cannot get justice, for whatever reason, taking the money doesn’t make me wrong or mean that I’m selling out. If I can use my life to fight for my child’s legacy and every child like her, and I have the money to do that without worry… my choice is easy.

When we are ignorant of the law, we should keep our opinions on legal settlements to ourselves. {If you need a lesson in civil v. criminal cases see my post yesterday. } However, imagine losing someone to a crime and them getting off without a conviction but you being awarded a settlement because of their death. The standards to make those determinations were completely unrelated. While you are angry that there is no justice for the death, you realize now that you can pay back loans you took to help you maintain during the trial, for the funeral, and now you can start scholarship funds, non profits, and be an agent of change in your community with the money you were awarded. You can put a loved ones kids through school. You can dedicate yourself to their legacy.

Yet people are accusing you of taking money to settle the criminal case. That’s not how ANY of that works… but that’s the vile sentiments some of y’all are putting out into the world. That undermines the need for police reform, court reform, and spits in the face of those of us who chant Black Lives Matter, who pleaded for the arrest of Breonna Taylor’s killers, and who are working to bring awareness to police brutality and its oppression. Don’t defile her death with bullshit. Make sure your information is correct!

Now go forth and do your research, not just read one article from http://www.medianewsrus.com, and be better!

End rant!

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