Some of these Narcissists are Haters too

“Playa, turn your head round
Take off that crown, you’ve been robbed” (Playa Hater, Biggie)

I’m breaking away from Election 2020 for a second, because I recently had a realization that made me really kind of take some inventory of my folks. I tend not to bring people along that don’t bring some light in, and I am unapologetic about it. But some folks you are just expected to fuck with… familial, professional, social. Nope and Nope and Nope. My energy is reserved for folks who in turn give me positive energy. That’s it. Anything else is uncivilized…

People who value you take interest. So if you know me, you know: I’m good with the words; I am particular about how my message gets across; I handle business. If there is one thing I can do well, it is communicate. I don’t need anyone to EVER speak for me. So after a recent incident that went totally against those truths, I realized someone whose business it should be to know who am I, doesn’t and doesn’t seem to care to. It’s really too bad because I am dope AF! Quote me. But it be your own people man…

Be clear, I am not complaining, I’m realizing. There are likely many people who could give two good fucks about me… that’s cool, feeling is likely mutual. But if it’s likely that you might ever need me in any way, it’s probably a good idea to be not only interested in who I am… whether I’ll hand you water or arsenic… but to treat me like I’m equally as important as you are and not like I’m your fan. Only people I’d fan out for are moonwalking and living their purple life in Heaven… surely someone who I’ve seen in their hair bonnet would never imagine I’m impressed by their regular ass. Proud maybe… maybe…impressed, no.

It be your own folks tho…

The ones who should support you, but don’t have a clue who you are, what you do, and what you have accomplished. The ones who should big up you, but try to son you like you are a peasant among Queens (many of whom are other narcissists themselves, say less) out in these streets. The ones who share or have shared your blood, space, energy, experiences, legacy, but spend more time trying to keep up with and get noticed by the Jones’s to honor how well you are representing the ancestors. The ones who will claim you and your greatness when they want something, and then talk to you like you are one of the help… my office hours are…

Fuck you Little Red.

I got an army on my team… a few different armies in fact. They will shake the coins outta your pockets for me… “pull a Suge Knight, press the issue on sight.” (Twist My Fingers, YG).

So I’m good. But I like to share my lessons with y’all, and I learned a lesson. Narcissists want to be the center of attention in every circle they belong to… they can’t stand to concede the floor. So whether they are family, friend, or foe, eventually they will attempt to dim your light. They are an overcast, and I told y’all I need light. Be careful who you let in… and don’t be afraid to cut off anyone that doesn’t know how to honor their shine without attempting to dim yours. I’m glowing. You are dull. Sharpen up sis… or get cut! It’s that simple.

Narcissism is a whole ass mental illness. Narcissists are also really good at fooling you. You think you see confidence, success, leadership, and empathy. In reality you are seeing the strange fruit of insecurity, loss, and weakness, and selfishness. Every picture is for a like. Every move is for attention. Every word is for applause. But I’m not fooled. Your narcissism will get you your whole ass handed to you, so settle down.

You can’t fit this crown! 👑

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