The Double Standards of WAP

I’m just gonna jump right in…

So I just watched the video for the remix of Throat Baby… featuring DaBaby and City Girls by BRS Kash. I feel like I need to pray the rosary and do five Hail Marys. Shit was gross. If you are on social media you have likely been exposed to this trash. So women can’t talk about their OWN bodies, yet it’s okay for men to talk about depositing their spermatazoa into a woman’s THROAT… excuse my language, but… NIGGA please!

I watched these little men dive into and go skiing down a white snow bluff into a scene that mimicked the inside of a woman’s mouth and esophagus, and then do an ultrasound of a woman’s throat with a baby growing inside. Now understand, what grown consenting adults do is their business, but a song that equates a woman’s mouth with a receptacle for these raggedy negroes DNA is foul AF! Even more so are the visuals. WAP didn’t disgust me, this shit did. But yet, I hear crickets. I bet ya’ll dudes like this trash. Sing along in the car and shit.

Cardi B and Meg the Stallion talk about what they do with their OWN body parts and suddenly women don’t want to be respected, they deserve to be mistreated, and if they dare speak on their own sexuality they are hoes. Then they dared to dance half-dressed like all strippers and “models” dudes follow on instagram wear… out loud, in public… but away from the private gaze. Hoes times infinity. Did I sum that up correctly for the ultra raggedy fellas… and dried up prudish broads?!?

Despite how much men are trying to get them some WAP… I mean let’s just keep it all the way 100, everything ya’ll have aspired to since about age 14 has been in pursuit of the wappiest WAP you could find…the hate was palpable. Be clear, we know you love vagina. Be clearer, a lot of you despise the human vessels that they belong to. We are painfully aware.

Despite how much prudes hem and haw about the virtues of being a lady, they secretly wish to be so free but are fearful of what someone else will think of them. They hide their freak in the dark and bring her out on birthdays and Valentine’s Day. We know why you act like you do.


No one is talking about how fucking disrespectful this is, how gross, how foul, how vomit inducing it is for this person to dare think anyone would want any parts of him near their mouth. If they do it is ONLY because he made a song and they got dreams to buy expensive things like Jazmine. I’m all for creative expression, so I personally could care less. He can rap about whatever he wants, because I support women expressing themselves, even in ways I don’t personally agree with. “Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” is not up to you, it’s up to her. This isn’t about your personal preference, but your what’s good for the goose is too foul for the gander mentality. Who you doing that foul shit with sir?!? Whose throat you having a baby in?!? You get what you put out. You slut shame and try to police women’s expression of their sexuality, you get this kind of wretched ass pharnyx…

… and the men who love and respect sexy & confident women get this kinda quality WAP!

You peasants disgust me! The least you could do is not be so obvious with your double standards.

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