How to Write a Love Letter

I’ve heard it many times before, but yours sounds different, feels especial-ly different. It dances off of your tongue different. It echoes in a room full of furniture and tchotchkes. It melts in the cold and freezes in the heat. It sends me swingin’… takes me riding in rocket and gives me a star. E-ver-y time.

You Love Me.


The point of it all … is that love finds you perfectly when you are ready to accept the heart that dispenses it to you in perfect measure. When you release all those past traumas and painful experiences, heal from them, and open yourself up to the person who, like you, introduces you to your best self. The person who, like you, dedicates themselves to helping you realize all your wildest dreams. The person who, like you, makes everything okay the minute they step into the room, smile, and out stretch their arms to you. There is no more perfect place. No more perfect union of souls.

I’m a movement by myself..

Yes, you love me different… better, the best. You love me whole heartedly, not because of what I can do for you but how I make you feel. How I follow your lead in sync and rhythm, trusting you fully, showing you that I believe in us because I believe in you. You love me because we fit. You love me because … because you just do. Without conditions or doubts. Just completely. From the first day we met to this moment.

“… but I’m a force when we’re together.”

I write about many things…and I never imagined I’d be inspired or bold enough to write about any parts of my personal life in such detail. But I can’t continue to write about things that are important to me and not share how I feel about you.

You make me better.” -Neyo Make Me Better

You have shown me very simply that a partnership doesn’t have to be contentious or complicated, but it can be easy and breezy and beautiful- ly different. You have shown me that anyone who truly loves you does so peacefully and purposefully. I never have to question where we stand, how you feel, or what you want. You know just how to ensure, that I’m assured of where we are and where we’re going. And I am. E-ver-y time. I never have chaos with you. If I need, you want to listen and comply. If you need, you tell me with tenderness and compassion. Give me some things to think about…

I had to learn to trust myself. To release any fears and worries, forget those toxic lessons, and embrace what I know to be true. To turn your back on knowledge that is staring you in the face is not wise and is not love. When I finally released myself from the questionable, certainty was staring me in the face. Ready and unflinching. Certainty was you. How amazing to be chosen without reservation or hesitation. E-ver-y time.

We form a perfect circle of understanding… we’re on another level!

You ignite me. You co-write me. You love me.” -Jill Scott, Lyzel in E Flat

Love Let Her

I have loved and I have lost, but no loss has ever compared to the power of the love you have given me.

You have given me life. You didn’t give birth to me (thanks Mom… my head was big… blah blah blah), but you have birthed me into this flawed beautiful creature. Neither perfect nor a failure, neither my best or my worst. You accept me as is, while giving me space and place to grow. I am better because of your presence.

You awaken me each morning with the promise of more.

You feed me morsels of joy. You play sounds of musical mastery in my ears. You display aesthetics before mine eyes, often too beautiful to bare. My skin gets sweaty from your warmth and goosebumps from your chill. I can smell goodness wafting in the air when you take over the room… a sweet and spicy blend of black pepper, peony, and oud. I am overjoyed by your sensory experience.


…support me like a harness.

…protect me like a shining knight.

…forgive me for my debts.

…give me grace when I’m impossible.

…and let me know I’m possible.

You let me soar to the highest heights by giving me assurance that I won’t free fall!

You let me dream my biggest dreams, because you are there to help them into fruition.

You let me shine bright like a star you placed in the heavens just for me.

You let me love because you loved me when I was most unloveable.

Dear God, it’s me, Karyn.